Solutions for Critical Vehicle Broadband Connectivity

Goodmill Systems Ltd. is a Global market leader in critical broadband connectivity for vehicles. Goodmill brings you revolutionary multi-channel router solutions that enable outstanding Broadband connectivity ensuring constant data flow in demanding conditions where connectivity is critical.

The future of connectivity available now

Goodmill is the first in the world to provide seamless and reliable switching between the best available broadband data networks. This ensures uninterrupted connectivity even on moving applications such as, public safety and security, health care, critical public transportation and military applications.

Field-proven in active use worldwide

Our cutting-edge router solutions are used around the world to ensure that critical connections are always available. They have been implemented globally in public safety, healthcare and military applications.

Save money by using hybrid networks

You can benefit from this technology at a price that many thought impossible for years to come. This is possible because you can use existing networks without investing in new network deployment. If you choose to build your own dedicated network, the solution brings more resilience and provides for smooth transition period.

Part of the Finnish solution for public safety

14 Finnish technology providers are at the core of the critical communcations solution for Finnish authorities. Goodmill is a natural part of the group with providing the reliable broadband connectivity to most vehicles. The alliance co-operates also with international cases.


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Goodmill Systems Ltd. will receive a €1.5 million grant!


Goodmill Systems Ltd. will receive a €1.5 million grant for the implementation of Horizon 2020 SME Instrument phase 2 project. Spinverse supported Goodmill Systems Ltd. in preparing a successful SME Instrument Phase 2 project proposal to the European Commission Horizon 2020 research and innovation funding program.

Check our newest blog on killer applications for critical vehicle broadband


The development of applications and solutions that help and improve public safety operators’ daily work has been rapid lately. This has led to a situation where traditional public safety narrow band connectivity seldom meets the applications’ requirements today and in near future.

New router from Goodmill: check out w24-I for indoor installations.


Our newest router model, the w24-I replaces the first commercially released w24. As its predecessor Goodmill w24-I ensures an amazing uptime, which enables you to use the necessary SaaS, VoIP, and cloud services without having to worry about connectivity problems. Even if your primarily connection is down for days, you can still constantly...

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