Why You Should Carry a Router?


We have been working with our briefcase model as a specialist solution for our larger customers for quite a long time. The work has been fine-tuning the parameters and features of the solution to properly understand how the solution should really work. As you may have noticed, we finally decided it is as perfect as possible and launched it. But what should one use a multichannel briefcase router for?

Our initial idea was to provide a solution for temporary and emergency headquarters. The public safety authorities often face larger emergencies and crisis situations, where it is very inconvenient to lead the operation from a single vehicle. An example could be collision of a train with a truck carrying dangerous substances. There may be tens of injured people in need of ambulance transportation, there may be delicate clean-up efforts with multiple purpose tailored vehicles needed and there may be a very large area that will need to be isolated and evacuated. This would tie in several police, ambulance, and fire department vehicles. In these kinds of situations, our customers need a headquarters organization with something between four to ten persons in the same room analyzing the situation, making decisions, and communicating both to the operative organizations and to the wider audience.

For these situations we wanted to provide a connectivity product that can be brought to any site and simply work as well as a fiber connection from the moment you connect to it. And this is our briefcase model.

However, the ongoing COVID19 pandemic opened our eyes to a wider need for such a solution. We first thought about the challenge countries were facing in creating new temporary hospitals at breakneck speed. When the hospital is setup in days, nobody is going to dig fiber and cabling, and nobody is going to have the time analyze different networks and use cases. We further generalized this idea by thinking how we are solving not a technical challenge but enabling good instant connectivity without technical expertise. From there it was clear that the solution could encompass many different use cases where a portable WiFi hotspot for a wider unit is needed. This led us to understand that, for example, construction sites need a similar solution especially for repair and infrastructure construction, and events need a similar solution for video streaming and point-of-sales payments.

The launched briefcase model is the culmination of our efforts to capture these use cases into a single, easy to use product, for enabling critical communications.

You can read how the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service is using the solution as one of our pre-launch customers and study the specifications from our Products-page. It is basically an integrated housing for our other router models.