Business Finland Funds Goodmill Systems for Development in Disruptive Circumstances


Business Finland has decided to fund Goodmill in the so called COVID-19 funding that is aimed at supporting companies to improve their potential for success during and after the disruption caused by the coronavirus. The measures are solely intended for companies to create new product- or production-related solutions.

Goodmill Systems applied funding to develop and expand our continuous services offering. The current software maintenance and support service covers access to new versions of our router software and level 3 expert support in network problem management. With the granted funding Goodmill aims to develop four areas of the service and create an additional improved service level available for purchase by our customers. The four areas are:

  • Tools and technology for managing the router fleet and connectivity
  • Service content, delivery processes and documentation
  • Reporting, log management, and analytics, and
  • Security and monitoring features
“This approach and the chosen areas to develop present major benefits for us. First, we wanted to develop an offer that we can provide to existing customers. With all the events and conferences in the industry cancelled and travel restricted, it is more difficult to find new customers than before. Second, we wanted to develop a service, since we do not want to be constrained by possible supply chain restrictions. And most importantly, we wanted to increase the share of our continuous revenue elements to make us more resilient also to future shocks – pandemics or others.”, comments Topias Uotila, CEO of Goodmill Systems.
The first elements of the services are expected to be available to pilot customers in the late summer of 2020 and the whole development relies on continuous discussion with customers.