Goodmill Systems Joins Traficom 5G Momentum Ecosystem


As the first 5G networks are being built, the technology is still more promise than industrial solutions in production. However, the promise is great with totally new use cases enabled by the next level technical capabilities of the networks. To accelerate the time to value in these novel cases various new co-operation models are needed. One pathway to these is Traficom 5G Momentum ecosystem that Goodmill Systems joined on the 5th of May 2020.

“We see 5G as a tremendous opportunity for Goodmill. New uses, such as remote piloting of both land and air platforms, will increase the criticality of mobile networks in many new industries that so far have been able to get by with the occasional hiccups in individual networks. Public safety won’t be the only industry with truly critical communications needs. Also, the 5G rollout means that once more, we’ll have significant geographical gaps in single operator coverage in even the most advanced digital societies. These gaps we are excellent in mending. Besides, it looks like at the moment 5G needs all the love it can get.”, comments Topias Uotila, CEO of Goodmill Systems.

All of current Goodmill router products like the w24h-I and w24h-S are 5G ready. You can read more about Traficom’s ecosystem here and join in with your organization.