New compact and low cost member of our revolutionary router family


Goodmill w24h-I router is the new compact and low cost member of the Goodmill Systems’ revolutionary w24h router family. It has been further developed from w24-I and offers a magnitude of higher capacities and more advanced functionalities than its predecessor with cutting edge processor technology. The router is also 5G ready.

w24h-I brings revolutionary wireless broadband connectivity to where ever truly reliable connectivity is a must. Offices using cloud services, organizations with remotely monitored/controlled locations, pharmacies, PSS organizations and many other agencies can now trust their mobile network connectivity is always online. With Goodmill w24h mobile multi-channel routers they can create reliable, fast, and secure broadband data connection between the HQ and the remote units that meet current and future data connectivity demands. Goodmill Systems Routers are always implemented with the best-in-class remote management system that fulfills the hardest requirement for Over-The-Air (OTA) configurations. You can manage, monitor, and maintain thousands of devices with the same tool.The data sheet is also available here:

w24h-I data sheet