Welcome Topias Uotila as the CEO of Goodmill Systems!


Topias has been with us as a board member since May 2018 and starts now in the operative management of the company. This is a move to further strengthen our sales function with world class expertise to ensure we get our innovative products to the aid of as many customers as possible both in the private and public sectors.

One of our founders and the preceding CEO, Petteri Suomalainen, will also stay with the management and focus on driving selected multimillion-euro deals, which will enable the next growth phase of Goodmill.

“We saw our revenues already doubling in 2019 which opened this possibility to invest more in sales. At the same time this presents also a great opportunity personally as I’m able to contribute full time to the success of Goodmill and its exciting story.”, says Topias.
“Goodmill Systems is by nature a growth company and this extension of talent from the board to operative management is the fastest, smoothest way to invest in growth, since the company strategy and situational awareness is already shared. It is great that this was possible with Topias.”, comments Ilona Karppinen, Chair of the Board