Efficiency vs. Effectiveness in Meeting New Customers


A brief respite from COVID19 that much of the world experienced during the fall of 2021 gave us at Goodmill a good chance to look at how different in-person and online sales processes are.

The beginning of the pandemic in 2020 saw many changes in our company as a new CEO joined us and we redesigned our sales processes to work in a pandemic. After having run these new processes for a bit more than a year, they were quite well established when the world opened again for the abovementioned moment. Our sales team attended three specific events, which gave us the opportunity to compare the online model with in-person sales: We were invited to participate in the Finnish-Swedish Defense Industry Seminar in Stockholm, we joined the Critical Communications Finland pavilion at the Critical Communications World event in Madrid and finally we were part of the business delegation to Brazil led by Finland’s minister of foreign trade mister Ville Skinnari.