Operator-independent, Reliable and Cost-effective Connection Solutions for Mobile and Fixed Environments

Revolutionary Approach to Critical Mobile Broadband Connections

Privately owned Goodmill Systems Ltd. offers reliable, operator-independent and cost-effective connection solutions for mobile and fixed environments. We ensure constant data flow in demanding conditions where always online connectivity is critical. We have developed our innovative solutions since 2005. Our cutting-edge router solutions are used around the world to ensure that critical connections are always available. They have been implemented globally in public safety, healthcare and military applications for tactical and operational communications as well as in industrial and mobility applications for remote-piloted and unmanned systems.

Vast Experience at Your Disposal

Harness our extensive experience in telecommunications, telecom access networks, R&D, and system engineering together with our thorough knowledge of critical applications and end-user needs. Our vast expertise has enabled us to create ground-breaking technology that will revolutionize your connection reliability and enable you to implement new solutions.

Using Hybrid Networks Brings Cost-efficiency

You can benefit from this technology at a price that many thought impossible for years to come. This is possible because you can use existing networks without investing in new network deployment. If you choose to build your own dedicated network, the solution brings more resilience and provides for smooth transition period.

Goodmill is the first in the world to provide seamless and reliable switching between the best available broadband data networks and allows you now to use the networks simultaneously.

Goodmill is the first in the world to provide seamless and reliable switching between the best available broadband data networks and allows you now to use the networks simultaneously. This ensures uninterrupted connectivity even on moving applications such as, public safety and security, health care, critical public transportation and military applications. Utilizing multiple networks simultaneously is the key to using these new data applications efficiently. The idea is to combine two or more relatively well-functioning networks into one connection that meets the requirements of field operations.

Wireless Broadband Connection Solutions Delivered Worldwide

Our solutions are used around the world to make sure that critical connections are always available. Numerous customers have implemented our solutions worldwide in PSS, retail, healthcare, public transportation and industry applications.

Police authorities: larger data files without interruptions in connection

As a first example, the services police authorities use with the data connection are many and varied, with the future offering seemingly limitless capabilities. The first step is to enable a basic functionality (e.g. enabling e-mails with larger data files to be sent without interruption). The increased data capacity also significantly improves situational awareness (e.g. seeing in real time where all other units are and what their status is).

Ambulances: real-time and instantly available data

Ambulances are outfitted with docking stations and tablet PCs. Data is entered via touch or voice recognition. Paramedics can send patient data in real time to the hospital, but more than this, the system allows users to quickly and accurately capture and relay far more information than a manual method via paper charts. The patient data is then available instantly to the emergency department and clinical audit staff.

Remote-piloted Vehicles: Better resolution and resilience

Both autonomous and especially vehicles controlled remotely generate large amounts of video data. Operating the vehicle precisely requires very low latencies. This video data is transmitted in real-time with the highest possible speed to the vehicle operator and the control signals are transmitted back to the vehicle.

Experienced Management at Your Service

Goodmill Systems prides itself in being a customer driven agile organization that has proven itself over the years in serving critical communications needs. Experience of the team extends beyond the story of Goodmill Systems to previous highly successful ventures in high growth technologies. We want to bring all of our knowledge to your benefit!

You can reach us with firstname.lastname@goodmillsystems.com.

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Chief Executive Officer

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VP, Business Development, Co-Founder

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Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder