Multiple network usage is the key to efficiently use new data applications  designed for Police force

Provide Added Value by Offering Goodmill's Router Solutions

Goodmill Systems Ltd. has a strong emphasis in global expansion through partners. We have all types of partnerships; finders, agents, value added resellers, system integrators and OEM’s. A common nominator is always that Goodmill solutions bring more money to you with limited upfront investments.

Straightforward Partnership Process

There is a defined partner profiles we’re searching for and we require good match to profile. Goodmill invests a lot of time and effort with right partners. Some ‘critical’ success factors include:

  • Non-competing products
  • Router / network knowledge
  • Cultural fit
  • Driven, focused sales people and processes
  • ‘Mind Share’ of senior management
  • Match with Goodmill channel strategy

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Abiom logo


Abiom is specialized in communication solutions for the professional market.
As distributor of the latest high-tech sytems and co-operating with worlds most innovative brands, Abiom can offer a custom-made solution for every need in communications.

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Bittium specializes in the development of reliable, secure communications and connectivity solutions, leveraging its 30 year legacy of expertise in advanced radio communication technologies.

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Global Projects logo

Global Projects

Global Projects has expertise in Wireless Telecommunication industry. Ever since GPC has been established, it has undergone continuous growth until it became a large scale establishment that includes business partners each considered as a pioneer in its field.

Locus logo


Locus is a key provider of solutions to emergency services. Map systems, decision support tools, messaging, fleet management system and other solutions have been delivered to a number of emergency services, particularly in Norway.

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Profile Vehicles logo

Profile Vehicles

Profile is an internationally known specialty vehicle designer and manufacturer. Profile's main product line is ambulances, and they are the market leader in the Nordic and Baltic region in Europe. Profile provides ambulances to various ambulance organizations worldwide and they also manufacture van-based police cars.

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Thales logo


Whenever a critical decision need to be made, Thales has a role to play. World-class technology, the combined expertise of 64,000 employees and operations in 56 countries have made Thales a key player in keeping the public safe and secure, guarding vital infrastructure and protecting the national security interests of countries around the globe.

Thales as selected Goodmill to enhance the Eijibox service. This solution will to play a significant role in a world that is increasingly mobile, interconnected, interdependent and dangerous.

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Westbase Technology logo

Westbase Technology

Westbase Technology is european distributor of specialist communication products for use in machine-to-machine (M2M) networks, device networking, wireless broadband and digital signage.

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It Service Providers

Provide Risk-free and Easy Connectivity for Your Mobile Customers

Customers that require highly available connectivity often want to buy the services as a turn key solution. This gives IT Service Providers an entry to markets with year to year recurring revenue. With Goodmill mobile multi-channel router solutions, you can ensure record-breaking uptime for your clients at all times.

Goodmill solution uses the Hybrid Network Approach for ensuring availability and maximizing the capacity. Our routers monitor the outgoing traffic continuously and in case of a connection failure, they immediately reroute the traffic through another network.

Office on the wheels

Inform you clients that now they can benefit from SaaS, VoIP, and cloud services also in their vehicles without having to worry about possibly costly downtime. Goodmill router solutions provide reliable connections – ensuring that all these necessary services work properly when needed also in vehicles.

Reduce your workload and increase customer satisfaction

The Goodmill multi-channel routers are easy plug-and-play solutions that are effortless to install and easy to use. We also provide you with our full support in the definition, implementation, and maintenance. The solution increases customer satisfaction, because sessions don’t break and there is no need for IT maintenance in the vehicles.

Other Partners

Multiple Types of Partnerships

Partnering and advanced multichannel sales is in the core of Goodmill business approach. we don't partner only through expansion but also and extensively for existing good volume business.

Goodmill has implemented a clear pro-active partner search and acquisition approach. This partner search includes transparent criteria of what mutual needs for success are. We are committed to excellent long term revenue creating possibilities for the partners and our partner strategy is flexible, using all variations. We search for co-operation all of the following:

  • Finders
  • Agents
  • Distributors
  • VAR's
  • Systemt integrators
  • OEM partners
  • White label partners

If you are interested in co-operation, please don't hesitate to contact for more details.

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