Fire departments utilise Goodmill's router solutions to always stay online in critical situations

Customers all around the world working in the fields of PSS, public transportation, healthcare etc.

Our cutting-edge router solutions are used around the world to make sure that critical connections are always available. They have been implemented globally in PSS, public transportation, retail, healthcare and industry applications. Here are presented some selected case studies.

Eksote logo

Mobile Health Care: Case Mallu by Eksote in Finland

Mallu vehicle is a new type of mobile healt care service that is used in remote regions where these services don’t exist. The objective is to come with more advanced services to the locations that don’t have a dedicated health care center.

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Broadband Data for Police Vehicles

Police organisations around the world have recognised a critical need for fast, secure broadband data applications. Utilising a secure and reliable broadband service increases efficiency and security. It saves money, time and lives. The ultimate solution is to have the same application suite used in the office available to vehicle based officers. When implemented fully, broadband data capabilities enable an ‘office on wheels’ approach that is well appreciated by the officers themselves as well as their customers.

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Jokilaaksojen Pelastuslaitos (Jokilaakso Rescue Department) logo

Ensuring Rescue Vehicle Connectivity: Jokilaakso Fire & Rescue Department

Jokilaakso Rescue Department (Jokilaaksojen Pelastuslaitos) is the unit that provides all rescue operation and ambulance services in the north-western Finnish towns of Alavieska, Haapajärvi and Ylivieska, Raahe, Nivala, Pyhäjärvi and Kärsämäki. The target of the operation is to fulfill the demands of local services as cost efficiently and effectively as possible. Due to efficiency targets, Jokilaakso has been the forerunner of implementing modern data services that demand high availability. The natural impediment has been to include the most advanced and modern data connectivity platform in their vehicles.

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Pirkanmaa Hospital District logo

Pirkanmaa Hospital District – Ambulance Data Connectivity

Modern ambulance services are introducing a variety of life-saving applications that require always online broadband. Pirkanmaa Hospital District is one of the forerunners of high-end applications in this field and has chosen a top of the range routing solution that is capable of switching from one network to another seamlessly in a matter of seconds. For guaranteed availability, the routers system is remotely managed and the solution includes state of the art mobile IP capabilities.

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Secured Connectivity for Pharmacies

Goodmill Systems Ltd. and Receptum Oy have jointly developed a solution to handle ever occurring data connectivity problems. Recetum offers a whole package of Pharmacy IT systems and Goodmill supplements the solution with always online managed broadband access. The solution practically guarantees 100% availability for the necessary IT services. Best of all, the solution has been proven to be 60-70 percent cheaper than the competing solution in Finland and thus provides a payback period of only 6-7 months.

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