First responder safety is greatly improved by broadband


First responders are the first or among the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency, such as an accident, natural disaster, or terrorist attack. First responders typically include paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters, rescuers, and other trained members of organisations connected with this type of work.

They face always risks that are representative of their tasks, but tragically, violence against first responders is becoming also a familiar sight for us working in the industry. Every day a well-intentioned emergency servant is faced with an act of aggression that leaves him either physically hurt or emotionally damaged. No matter what the reason is, the event can be for some only minor in severity; for others, it can be life-changing, impairing their professional career. Regardless, the risks involved leave a lasting impression for them personally, for their families and for the community.

Efficient communication and especially data connectivity has recently enabled new services and applications that improve the likeliness that the moms, dads, sons and daughters that work in the field can return home safe. Always online broadband connectivity is one of the enablers. From various important applications I highlight here three real cases of applications and services used in Scandinavia.

Online video that can be shared

The new camera technology has enabled a new way to evaluate the severity of an incident before the need to engage. With police the new "modus operandi" very often is now that the car is parked far enough not to be noticed by the suspects at the scene. Then a camera zooms in and checks what is going on as a precaution. The video can be shared with the command and control center for evaluation and in best cases the suspects can be identified. There can be a joint decision with the commanding officer and the team before engaging. This minimizes the risks due to quick and reliable situational analysis beforehand.

The camera provides also excellent advantage to fire fighting. Relying on voice messaging, the decision making regarding the severity of the incident, is often misunderstood. Sharing video to command and control as well as to other units gives more information and thus risks can be identified more accurately. Same applies to EMS as they come to any accident scene, too.

Access to criminal records and other data bases

When identifying a suspect it is always beneficial to know their criminal history. This is also very useful even as a car is stopped if one can immediately check who owns the car and what their history is like. Before addressing the vehicle one can be prepared to counter possible violence.

Entering a house or a building in the middle of an emergency is always a risk. Having the latest information about what's inside as well as maps and floor plans provide improved safety. Also information about the possible person related risks inside a building when EMS enters a building is important. This is specifically important in places with narcotics problems. Also having all possible information about possible medication allergies and such provides safety for the customers.

On screen information sharing

News - feed type of shared applications have proven to be extremely effective. Previously the at site communication has been very much voice dependent. With that the channels are limited. With shared, written information on screen all the necessary first responders can inform C&C center as well as colleagues about the situation at hand. In this case for best performance, the system has to support information sharing to units under different jurisdiction, too.


Always online broadband is one of, if not the key enabler of improved first responder safety. The applications and services require data that is up to date and easily accessible. Luckily there are connectivity devices available, like routers that enable the use of multiple broadband networks, that provide for that. We at @GoodmillSystems have a special interest in first responder safety. They are moms and dads often also, and always someones sons and daughters. We want them to come back home physically and mentally fit.

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Juhani Lehtonen

Vice President, Sales and Marketing