Goodmill to Enable FTL Communications


Leading producer of multichannel routers for critical connectivity use cases in public emergency and safety as well as with unmanned systems, Goodmill Systems, sees a lot of demand for optimizing bandwidth and latency. The most challenging customer requirements surpass what 5G SA technology can offer even with dedicated private networks or network slicing. Using the multichannel paradigm Goodmill has developed a concept that allows the utilization of multiple network slices at the same time.

With the advent of the new latency calculation rules as defined in the 4GDP standards body, we can look at the average arrival time of packets over a clearly defined testing and measurement period. By sending multiple data streams to dedicated network slices instead of the normal FIFO procedure on a single network, we can achieve performance where a certain IP packet arrives significantly earlier than with FIFO model. In one specific test with our major customer, the difference was in the order of several seconds. Given that the latency distribution of all the network slices over the same measurement period was upper bounded to 100 milliseconds, the effective speed of the said IP packet was lower than minus 2000 milliseconds thus arriving faster than light (FTL). The test run did not include use of a post-quantum cryptography algorithm, but theoretical calculations show no, or exponentially marginal in relation to number of slices, impact on the performance and results. The data sent contained no information (it was a picture of a cat), leaving the general theory of relativity intact.

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