Goodmill Joins iCert in the USA


Washington, D.C., USA, August 22, 2013 — Espoo, Finland, August 28, 2013

The Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT) today announced that Goodmill Systems, Ltd. has joined the Council, the association representing the voice of the commercial sector in emergency communications and response technology.

Based in Finland, Goodmill Systems Ltd. is a global company offering critical broadband connectivity for vehicles, using multi-channel router solutions that enable broadband connectivity and ensure constant data flow in demanding conditions. Goodmill, a worldwide provider of seamless switching between available broadband data networks, ensures uninterrupted connectivity on applications for public safety and security, as well as transportation.

“We are quite proud to welcome Goodmill Systems as the most recent member of iCERT,” said Industry Council Chairman, Darrin Reilly, Chief Operating Officer of TriTech Software Systems. “The experiences of Petteri and his team, and their background and knowledge will add unique perspectives to our continuing analysis of public safety solutions for critical communications.”

“We’ve joined the Industry Council because it provides our company and our industry with an excellent forum for examining issues on a global scale,” said Goodmill Systems CEO, Petteri Suomalainen. “Our solutions are used around the globe. Being part of the iCERT community will help us fine tune our approach to service-delivery and enhance our understanding of the industry in America and worldwide.”

Aboutthe Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT)

The Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT) represents the voice of the commercial sector in the emergency communications field. Established by a group of prominent leaders in December 2005 originally as the 9-1-1 Industry Alliance, iCERT - the Industry Council - plays an important role as the voice of companies on public policy issues impacting 9-1-1 and the emergency response system. Industry Council members believe that business leaders’ expertise can assist public policymakers and government emergency communications professionals as they address complex choices regarding advanced communications technology alternatives in the years ahead. Through advocacy, research and in coordination with the public sector, the Industry Council plays a vital role in the development and deployment of emergency response technologies.

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