Goodmill Joins a Pan-European Research Program FUDGE-5G


FUDGE-5G is a creative acronym for “Fully DisinteGrated private nEtworks for 5G verticals” and it is studying how to enable the highly customized cloud-native deployment of private 5G networks for realizing five critical vertical use cases as pure cloud-based applications. Goodmill Systems joins the consortium as an advisory board member and especially a stakeholder in the Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) use case.

“We are excited to continue our work on the advanced Norwegian telecommunications market with the key consortium members. The topics of the study such as public safety use, application orchestration, and time-sensitive networking are things we have already been working with our customers. As there are also familiar faces and companies such as Thales within the consortium, it was easy to decide to join the effort.”, comments Topias Uotila, CEO of Goodmill Systems.

Main stakeholder for the PPDR use case is the Norwegian Defense Materiel Agency, whose main task is to equip the armed forces with relevant and modern equipment in order to contribute to a higher operational strength. The other vertical use cases and main stakeholders are Concurrent Media Delivery with the Norwegian broadcasting company NRK, 5G Virtual Office with the Oslo University Hospital, Industry 4.0 with ABB, and Interconnected Non-Private Networks with Telenor. The key technologies used in FUDGE-5G are 5G Local Area Networks, 5G-Multicast, 5G Time-Sensitive Networking and Intelligent vertical application orchestration.

Announcement of Goodmill’s participation on the FUDGE-5G website.