Goodmill Joins the Robocoast Consortium


Goodmill continues to increase its collaboration in the relevant research and development ecosystem by joining the Robocoast Consortium.

Robocoast is an international centre of excellence for robotics and artificial intelligence that focuses on need-based product development projects and the modernisation of industry and services. Namely this means the Industry 4.0, which many analysts see as having great potential for both private cellular networks and multichannel routing.

“Goodmill has recently been involved in many projects beyond our core market of public safety that involve robotics, remote-piloted and autonomous machinery. We see tremendous opportunity in these use cases but realize that such a global change cannot be implemented alone. We are very happy to have found a group of companies engaging on this same journey.”, says Topias Uotila, CEO, Goodmill Systems.

You can read more about our recent work on autonomous vehicles and 5G from here.