Goodmill a success at IPOMEX in Münster


Goodmill has produced a concept together with General Motors and application providers that now appears to be the talk of Europe!

The UK built vehicle (OPEL ASTRA) has been attending a German Police show in April, and to the annoyance of many of the other exhibitors were seen to be the main attraction and acclaimed to be the star of the exhibition. The local German news attended the show on Wednesday and filmed a lot of footage of all the exhibitors at the event. The likes of Mercedes and VW were demonstrating brand new technology and functionality, however the actual data communication capabilities stole the show and we were the only car shown in the news. If you follow the attached link for the TV station and select the date of Mi.17.04 the footage is roughly 15:40 into the report (or Google: WDR Mediathek, Munster). The report is all in German and is demonstrated by one of OPEL personnel.

There was a lot of positive feedback and and everyone we spoke to loved the concept of the vehicle. The German police do have issues with Data Protection and Human Rights and are very scared about video recording, recognition and even ANPR. They are very keen on using the vehicle as a mobile office, as their current techniques are an old fashioned notepad and pen to then be typed up back in the station. Needless to say, the core enabler of the whole functionality is the Goodmill Managed Multichannel Router!

There was some very high ranking officers attending from all over the country who we have some very lengthy discussions with. These officers have up and coming presentations and meetings to host, in which many have said that our car will be part of their discussions. Many brochures have been handed out and contact details explained.

Check out the link starting at about 15.40 min from the start:

IPOMEX at WDR in Germany »

The same vehicle will be presented at CCW at our and Tetratab joint stand. Please don’t hesitate to invite your customers and prospects to visit us. More info about this will be coming in good time before the exhibition.