Goodmill to Support Traffic Safety by Joining the 5G Safe Plus


Goodmill has joined the advisory board of the research program 5G Safe Plus. This program aims at improving traffic safety by distributing information on, for example, traffic, road conditions, and weather to vehicles on the move. One of the prominent channels for distributing large amounts of data are the up and coming 5G networks, but the approach is a multichannel approach, where critical information is always delivered over whatever channel available.

“As the leading company providing multichannel communications to vehicles 5G Safe Plus is the perfect forum for us to share some of our cutting-edge knowledge with the wider community. Historically we have not delivered so much information about the road and conditions, but rather about the operational mission. We expected this to change as modern vehicles incorporate more and more sensors that can capture information about the environment.”, comments Topias Uotila, CEO of Goodmill Systems.

Goodmill’s participation will take the form of shared industrial expertise on vehicle broadband communications and supporting the wider program with already ongoing product development efforts and materials.

The 5G Safe Plus has member organizations with various models of collaboration from around the world and is coordinated by Sitowise.