Goodmill Systems Starts Collaboration with the Mining Hub in Brazil


Brazil is one of the leading mining countries in the world and especially strong in the extraction of iron. Brazil also hosts one of the most vibrant ecosystems around the mining industry. One of the parties in the ecosystem is the Mining Hub, which acts as an enabler of collaboration and change in the industry bringing together the largest mining companies in the world and the innovative startups with solutions for the mining industry. Goodmill was fortunate to be able to present on the 29th of September at a Mining Hub’s event called M-Connect to an audience of about thirty industry experts on how to solve connectivity challenges in mines.

“We are looking to form new relationships on the mining market in Brazil with local companies and get to the piloting phase in 2021. This would be inline what we have seen for the development in other countries like in our domestic market in Finland.”, comments Topias Uotila, CEO of Goodmill Systems.

The unique challenge of different networks and remotely operated heavy machinery in wildly different radio environments is a though challenge for telecommunications in the mining industry. Goodmill Systems offers the industry the ability to select the most appropriate networking and radio technology for each environment, while exposing a seamless uniform network towards the applications and users.