Research Project 'PRIORITY' is at the Core of Goodmill’s Business


Goodmill Systems is now a full member of the consortium researching Critical Communications solutions for authorities and remote businesses. The main aim of the research is to improve the ways in which broadband data communications over 4G and 5G can be taken into use by mission critical users. Mission critical users are most often defined as emergency services and public safety authorities, but research also includes some business critical use cases. Research topics will concentrate on four areas:

  1. Broadband service in extremely remote locations
  2. Quality of Service differentiation and provisioning for diverse needs
  3. Communication security
  4. Interworking of dedicated and commercial networks
“Mission critical users with the public safety authorities are our main customer group and their use cases are the ones we optimize our solutions for. While we have already helped countless of customers to take broadband data over cellular networks into critical communications use, there are still many countries where these solutions are not in use. At the same time, the standards for 5G are advancing and new Mission Critical features are being specified. Both developments call for continued research. We are equally excited to get more understanding of the needs of remote businesses, since it is a newer customer segment for us.”, says Topias Uotila, CEO of Goodmill.

The PRIORITY project is centered around three trials with distinct themes each:

  1. Search and capture
  2. Smart rural business
  3. Emergency response

The first trial of “Search and capture” was completed late 2020 and the video documenting the trial can be seen here. The other two trials will create similar videos to be shared.