Situational Awareness as Goodmill’s Research Topic in Project Alpha


Goodmill Systems kicked off ‘Alpha’, a co-innovation project, with a high-quality consortium of partners. Alpha is the continuation of the successful project ‘Priority’ and has many of the same consortium members. The research focus is now on situational awareness.

“Our customers have always not just monitored our equipment with our management tools, but also used them to monitor the underlying networks. These customers have thus created a real time connectivity and communications situational picture. In Alpha we are looking to take this to the next level to enable better inter-agency collaboration. This can be, for example, based on our multi-constellation positioning system and spoofing detection.”, comments Topias Uotila, CEO of Goodmill Systems.

In the project Goodmill is providing both connectivity infrastructure to join different parties and data sources together, but also researching how connectivity status and changes can provide information about different kinds of threats facing our customer authorities and their operations.

Together with Goodmill, the Alpha partners are Centria, VTT, Airbus, Anarky Labs, Bittium, EXFO, Erillisverko, Fairspectrum, Insta, Mentura, Nokia, Finnish Defense Research Agency and the Ministry of Interior of Finland.

You can find more information on the project Alpha in Finnish from Centria’s announcement.