Successful Ambulance Testing in Kainuu


Kainuu health district conducted a thorough testing with Goodmill router solution. The test included:


  • Installed in the vehicle. Goodmill w24e-RR router with external magnet antennas
  • The router used total of three networks (WAN links). Two 3G networks - Sonera and Elisa, as well as one 450CDMA network
  • The connection via the router to the computer is enabled through a WIFI Access Point connection


  • Computers used in this test were 2 laptops.
  • The first tests were carried out on the Windows XP operating system and the router plus an internal 3G modem (Mokkula)
  • Second tests used Effica Health Care application by Tieto on the Laptops
  • This testing was carried out on the Windows 7 operating system with 3G USB modem and the router. Both 3G modems used DNA's network

Effica health care application

  • Effica testing was carried out using a test environment which had the same IT requirements as the proper usage environment Effica would have
  • The programme requires a non-stop wireless network connection and does not allow any interruptions in the Wifi connection while the registration is being carried out

Citrix application

  • Citrix remote desktop enables using Effica with a suboptimal internet connection
  • Effica runs on the server and there is a desktop view on the computer of the programme. With CITRIX, Effica does not sign the user out if the internet connection is interrupted for a short period of time

Birdstep Technology Oy, Safemove application

  • Safemove software is needed for creating a password secure connection and changing connection without interruption
  • When the connection is directed from the 3G modem to the router it causes the IP address to change - which would result in losing the Effica network connection
  • A mobile IP address is created by the Safemove software, allowing the IP address to stay the same, ensuring the internet connection does not get interrupted

The outcome of testing

It is possible to get the Effica patient database working reliably in ambulances. The router reliability and connection speeds are sufficient in and around Kainuu region. On top of the router, a 3G modem connection is needed because the WiFi connection does not work through thick walls or at distances greater than 100-300 meters from the vehicle. The Safemove software from Birdstep Technologies Oy is also needed, as this enables the switching of the router and 3G modem connection to ensure that the Citrix connection is not lost.

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