The w24h-Sub - 70% of the Earth is Covered in Water


Most of the earth is covered in water. This means that for our defense customers, what happens on land might be a secondary concern. To meet the demands of these valued customers we are introducing the Goodmill Systems w24h-Sub multichannel router designed specifically for submarines.

Currently submarine connectivity is based on expensive proprietary radio and satellite links that only work on the surface, but in the future as 5G networks expand more and more activities of the "silent services" can rely on seamless commercial wireless connectivity during the entire dive. We fully expect that telecom network operators will start to expand their networks to the seabed especially in littoral waters. Where this has not yet happened, customers can already rely on onshore base stations within proximity with high power modems. According to our internal estimates, installing base stations along sea cables is not only cost efficient, but also provides convenient access to fiber backhaul. Other easy access locations include gas pipelines and oil rig foundations.

“Hard to see how telecom operators could leave 70% of the earth underserved. I’d be surprised, if a year from now at least the first tests along key global features such as the Atlantic ridge weren’t ongoing.”
Topias Uotila, CEO of Goodmill Systems

The w24h-Sub comes in two form factors depending on whether it is installed on the exterior of the sub for increased connectivity, but larger acoustic footprint, or within the tower. If you are not part of the insider group in our w24h-Sub beta program, you can still reach us at to join the waiting list.