Goodmill Expands Its Research into Intelligent Mobility Together with ITS Factory


Goodmill has joined the ITS Factory Mobility community to engage in co-development of intelligent transportation and mobility solutions. ITS Factory is an innovation, experimentation and development environment co-operated by the City of Tampere and companies from relevant sectors. ITS Factory community of over forty member organizations seeks solutions for mobility challenges through close co-operation of the public and private sectors.

“ITS Factory is the second effort after 5G Safe Plus for Goodmill to extend our market position to include vehicles, transportation and mobility more broadly than from the point of view of operational mission data of public safety authorities. The public safety is our home market, but we see that the growing intelligence of vehicles and the whole transportation systems, means that the data of these domains is more integrated in the future.”, comments Topias Uotila, CEO, Goodmill Systems.

Goodmill Systems joined the 5G Safe Plus -research program in November last year. The program has since published a video outlining an example use case being studied.