Goodmill Systems to advise 6G research program DEDICAT 6G


DEDICAT 6G is a research program looking at wireless communication beyond 5G. It is especially studying dynamic and adaptive networks employing both artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies to allocate not only networking but also storage and compute resources across traditional nodes, but also emerging ones like smart connected cars, robots, and drones. DEDICAT 6G will focus on four use cases: Smart warehousing, Enhanced experiences, Public Safety and Smart Highway, and includes live trials to test technological solutions in these use cases.

Goodmill Systems' CEO mr. Topias Uotila was nominated to serve on the advisory board of DEDICAT 6G and the concrete collaboration started earlier this autumn. The work with DEDICAT 6G will build upon Goodmill's own experience especially in the field of public safety, but also our own existing collaboration and research in 6G technology. Last year Goodmill joined the Oulu University 6G Flagship Ecosystem and released our own Public Safety 6G vision.