Kasvu Open Identifies Goodmill as a Potential High Growth Disruptor of Mobility


Goodmill was accepted to the Future Mobility path in the Kasvu Open program. Kasvu Open is a national sparring program for growth companies that aims to support high potential companies in areas such as marketing, finance, international business, and exports to ensure the companies reach ambitious growth targets. Kasvu means Growth in Finnish.

When selecting the companies for the Future Mobility the jury assessed the impact of the ongoing transformation of mobility and digital tools and processes. The best companies were selected on the basis of market potential, team, growth ability, and track record.

“Our strategy analysis came earlier to the conclusion that there is a convergence of safety authority mission data, traffic data, and vehicle data. From our core with the safety authorities we have systematically gotten involved in the latter two and this selection by the jury verifies our understanding of the huge potential for our capabilities in this transformation. We excitedly look forward to the help we get as a participant in the program.”, comments Topias Uotila, CEO of Goodmill Systems.

As examples of the work done to date with future mobility Goodmill Systems is an advisory board member of the 5G Safe Plus research consortium and has delivered products to 5G autonomous vehicle research.