Multichannel Routing to Improve Energy Efficiency of Telecommunications


The newly launched research and innovation project called “Energy Awareness Towards 6G” or in short Eware 6G, is looking to understand how the whole end to end energy efficiency from applications to wireless networks to devices and back can be optimized in existing and future network technologies. Goodmill Systems has the honor of being an industrial advisor partner in the project. Our years of experience in advising and helping 6G research thus continues with exciting new themes.

“Sustainability is an important topic for any company including us. Our most impactful work is in saving unnecessary driving from our customers, but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t look at our direct impact as well. Eware 6G offers a great platform as for the first time we have a consortium looking at the end-to-end picture and we can thus seek benefits from multichannel routing decisions to energy usage.”, comments Topias Uotila, CEO of Goodmill Systems.

In the project it is planned to understand how network data usage could be in real-time guided by the knowledge of energy consumption in different networks. This requires devices such as Goodmill’s multichannel router that can in real-time make network selection decisions without compromising the connectivity.

In the project the research is performed by University of Oulu and VTT and the industrial advisory group in addition to Goodmill comprises of Nokia, DNA, Yle, Poutanet, Haltian, and Traficom. The project is part of the 6G Flagship work.