Constructions and Demolitions


Building new infrastructure and buildings, repairing existing ones and demolishing those that have served their useful life-cycle is a project driven business. Sites are set-up in the locations needed and are active for only a limited time. This means that even in fixed locations, like buildings, wireline connectivity might not exist when the work commences – especially if the work is urgent. In cases where the site moves from day to day, such as laying new road, wireline is even practically impossible. Since the site can be anywhere, quite often it also happens that a specific mobile network is not available on the location. Further the persons on site are not employed to build and fix connections. They are there to build and fix buildings. Still they need to access ever updating company documents and applications on the company’s digital infrastructure or on the cloud. As construction becomes more digital with Internet of things sensors and augmented reality solutions, the need for reliable broadband connectivity is imminent.


Goodmill Systems’ family of routers offers reliable connectivity to all locations and sites by utilizing multiple networks. Whenever even one network is reachable, the connection works. Employees can access external and company internal materials, documents, data, and applications with a secure VPN connection. Construction benefits from all three available form factors. Longer established, but still temporary offices can secure their connectivity with the indoor model and sites that always move, such as road building efforts, can build the connectivity directly from the machinery with the vehicle model. However, the quick to start small repair and demolition jobs benefit perhaps the most from Goodmill’s briefcase model than can be carried on site in one hand and comes fully equipped and configured with everything the site needs in terms of reliable connectivity regardless of the location.

Key Benefits

  • Sites always operational from the moment first equipment is brought to site
  • No management of individual connectivity contracts with telecom operators
  • Plug’n’play ease of use for site managers and engineers
  • Rugged easily movable solution with everything in the package
  • Best connectivity regardless of location
  • All the same services, applications and data available as in the headquarters
  • Even moving vehicles and equipment with seamless connectivity