Connectivity to the Center of the Earth


Mines are one of the most challenging places for building connectivity. Starting from the often very remote location, it might be difficult to even get one reliable connection from the mine. Thus, mining operators have a long history of building and managing complex connectivity solutions. A lot of the actors and users in the area are moving heavy machinery with both Internet of Things and safety critical and remote operations data flows. These complex machines traverse both outdoors and traditional industrial indoors, but in many cases also travel to the depths of the earth. In all these physical environments the best wireless networks are often different.


Goodmill Systems provides multichannel router solutions that cover all vehicles. By being multichannel, the router enables building a single highly redundant and reliable connection from multiple separate networks without changing any of the existing applications at all. The connection can shift seamlessly from a WiFi network inside a tunnel to a private LTE network covering the open area without a millisecond of downtime. And as the vehicle moves further away, jump next to a satellite connection – again with a glitch. Further the vehicles can then operate as additional WiFi hotspots for personnel working near-by them.

The systems consist of the routers, management software and tunnelling software. Enabling all the management of the networking equipment over-the-air. With a history in defense applications, physically our routers are built to last even in normal configuration, but we also provide specifically rugged versions.


Goodmill Systems has been founded in 2005 to secure critical communications needs of public safety authorities such as police and fire departments. Thousands of our routers are at this very moment providing broadband Internet to moving vehicles and ships around the world across LTE, WiFi and SATCOM networks.

Key Benefits

  • Ability to combine any networks seamlessly into a connectivity solution
  • Seamless non-disrupted moving between the networks
  • More cost-efficient than extended private network investments
  • High performance and 5G ready
  • Same fleet of routers can include indoor and briefcase models for special use cases