Retail and Events


Cash is vanishing from most societies and all payments are processed electronically. The number of methods of payment are increasing with credit and debit card functionalities being integrated into different applications in mobile devices. Even cryptocurrency payments are called for. Many of these new payment methods require Internet connectivity and disruptions in connectivity lead to immediate disruptions in sales.

This is made even more challenging by another trends of pop-up stores and events. Retailers are expected to setup shop in new locations for short periods of time, where the telecom operators are not able to deliver wireline connectivity in a timely manner. Especially at different events such as festivals that are often in relatively remote outdoors locations. Additionally, such events gather large crowds that also put pressure on the existing cellular networks, making it hard to know how reliable any given network would be.


By taking a Goodmill router into use at your Point-Of-Sale, you can connect across existing wireless networks such as 4G and 5G cellular networks and always utilize the connection that works best without the need to manually look for and switch between networks. This means that as long as even one of the networks is up, your connection is up and you can continue selling. Depending on the duration of the sales location, this can be achieved either with Goodmill’s indoor model or our suitcase model that operates with a battery. For sales points built into vehicles, the logical choice is naturally the vehicle model.

Despite being more reliable and instant to set-up the connectivity, built over mobile networks and possible consumer grade wireline ISP connection, is usually also cheaper than a proprietary dedicated MPLS network. This is often the main argument for SD-WAN solutions without the multichannelling functionality.

Key Benefits

  • Set up Points-Of-Sale instantly
  • Ensure no downtime in payment processing or other critical connectivity
  • Secure connections with encryption; enable PCI/DSS and other regulatory compliance
  • Cost savings in connectivity compared to MPLS networking

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