Connected Ports – Connected Economies


Ports present a unique industrial environment with large indoor and outdoor spaces bordering between sea and land. Especially with most of the assets, vehicles and personnel moving around the area instead of being tied to a specific production line, building and maintaining reliable connectivity in such a setting is difficult. Not only is wiring every place impossible, but radio waves need to operate with hard reflective surfaces such as ships, container stacks and warehouse walls that can even change from day to day. There are already several logical networks present with industrial control, voice communications and IoT each having their own requirements.


Our multichannel broadband routers seamlessly provide each of the logical networks all the combined coverage and availability of the individual physical networks. The connection from your cargo handling vehicle or a ship stays alive automatically even if one of the physical networks goes down. Customers can combine both private and commercial 3G, 4G and 5G networks together with WiFi and satellite communications. The vehicles with the installed routers can even act as WiFi hotspots for workers in the area. All of this provides orders of magnitude better reliability and coverage with a more cost-efficient way than increased private network investments.

Key Benefits

  • Lower telecommunications costs by using the most cost-effective network available.
  • Immediate increased data communications capacity when better networks become available.
  • Seamlessness of connectivity enables the aggressive use of the most suitable network in all situations without changes to applications or visible switchover to users.
  • Goodmill Routers natively support IPSec VPN for all connections increasing security.
  • With our management platform, the fleet is kept up to date over the air without ever accessing the individual hardware components.