Seamless Connectivity on the Waves

Operating on the Sea

Sea remains one of the most challenging operating environments and globalization has made marine logistics more important than ever. Many countries are unable to keep functioning without open sea lanes of communication. The marine ecosystem comprises of different parties all supporting the common goal of flowing goods, materials, and passengers. At one end, we have port and logistics operations and car and passenger ferries operating mostly on the littoral waters, and at the other end, we have container ships, crude oil tankers and LNG carriers travelling the high seas. All of them protected by navies, guided by pilots, and cleared way by ice breakers. What is common to all of these is the need to stay in contact with other vessels and on shore personnel and systems.

Communications from the sea can however be unreliable and costly with no fixed networks in place. Solutions often rely on satellites and long-range radios susceptible to weather conditions and offering only narrow bandwidth communications that limit the extent that operations can rely on modern IT solutions.


Goodmill Systems Ltd. has its roots in critical communications systems for the public safety industry. The basis of our technology is the seamless usage of multiple networks for reliability and coverage in fast moving police cars and ambulances. We quickly discovered uses for our solutions in ports and on commercial and military ships, where we provide the seamless and automatic integration of WiFi, commercial and private LTE and satellite communications networks with a rugged router installed onboard the vessels and vehicles.

Key Benefits

  • Lower telecommunications costs by using the most cost-effective network available.WiFi while in port, 3G or 4G/LTE connections while in littoral waters, and satellites while on the open ocean.
  • Immediate increased data communications capacity when better networks besides become available benefiting passengers and ship operations.
  • Seamlessness of connectivity enables the aggressive use of the most suitable network in all situations without changes to applications or visible switchover to users.
  • Move infrastructure on shore to lower investment and maintenance costs.
  • Goodmill Routers natively support IPSec VPN for all connections increasing security.